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Kids Playing With Dog With No Fleas


Get Rid of Fleas From Your House

At Protective Pest Control, we believe pets are a part of the family and we work hard to make sure your house is devoid of fleas. If you have a problem with fleas, or want to make sure you home is safeguarded against future infestations of fleas, call us at (561) 791-0263 and we'll take care of your flea situation once and for all.

Flea Appearance

Fleas are a reddish-brown color. They are wingless, blood sucking insects. Their bodies are flattened from side to side which allows them to easily move through the hairs of their victim's body. They also have long legs which help them jump.

  • Size: A flea's length is about 1/6 inch.
  • Behavior: Fleas are parasites that feed on the blood of their hosts. The hosts are normally humans or pets. Some fleas can lay up to 500 eggs during a few months.
  • Habitat: Fleas can live on a wide variety of warm blooded animals such as dogs, cats, humans, chickens, mice, rats, rabbits and squirrels. They are brought inside by animals.