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Bathroom Devoid of Silverfish


Removing Silverfish From Your Home

Silverfish are notorious for living in attics and bathrooms. If you see these insects in your home, call Protective Pest Control at (561) 791-0263 and we'll take care of these pests and make sure they never come back.

Silverfish are always wingless, and the very fine scales on their bodies make them look silvery to brown in color. They are usually soft bodied, flattened from top to bottom, elongated and oval in shape, and have three long projections at the tail and two long antennae at the head. Silverfish prefer areas with high humidity to feed and breed.

Silverfish Appearance

Silverfish are small, wingless insects. They are shiny gray or silver in color. The metallic sheen is due to silvery scales, which only appear after the third molt. They have three long, thin appendages extending from the abdomen.

Size of a Silverfish

A silverfish can ranges in size from 1/2 to 1-inch in length.


Silverfish require between four months and three years to grow from an egg to an adult. Silverfish may live up to eight years, and molt up to eight times. Under favorable conditions, silverfish may molt up to four times per year. If conditions are too cold or dry, silverfish cannot reproduce. This is why silverfish are common in South Florida, because of the warm, humid climate.

The Silverfish Habitat

Silverfish are common in people's homes, much like its relative the firebrat. Silverfish can often be found under refrigerators or around a well-heated toilet, if the crevices in the floor tiles are large enough.

Interesting Fact About Silverfish

Silverfish will feed on glue, book bindings, photos, sugar, hair, dandruff, and dirt. They can also cause damage to books, tapestries, and textiles.