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Woman Relaxing After Rodent Removal From Her Home


Keep Your Home Free From Rats and Rodents

The last thing you want to worry about are rats and rodents in your home; Protective Pest Control will make sure to eliminate any existing infestations and prevent any new ones from occurring. Call us at (561) 791-0263 to schedule a free estimate at your home.

We offer same-day mice extermination services and your satisfaction is guaranteed. We also offer money saving coupons so that getting rid of rodents from your home is more affordable than you think.

Rodent Infestations are Common

Rodent infestations are a very common problem for homeowners. Mice and rats reproduce quickly and in large numbers, which make them difficult to control. For mice, the average litter contains between ten and 12 young. The mother becomes fertile again within 24 hours. For rats, the average litter contains 16 to 18 young and fertility is restored five days after giving birth. Furthermore, these prolific pests can begin breeding at a very young age. For rats, this is within six weeks. For mice, it's three to four weeks.

Identifying the Rodent Problem

Before attempting eradication, you should be certain that there is indeed a rodent problem in your home. Mice and rats leave behind many telltale clues that cannot be caused by other pests. Their droppings are the most obvious sign. You're likely to find them where food is kept, underneath furniture and along baseboards. Urine is less obvious, but leaves behind a yellowish, oily residue that glows under a black-light. It's not uncommon to find it on cords, clothes hangers, couches counter-tops or, strangely, even on the wall near the floor. Chew marks are also a strong indicator of their presence. Wires, cables, food packages and papers often become bearers of such damage and can cost you a small fortune to replace. Leave it to the Professionals at Protective Pest Control.

As if their fecundity isn't off-putting enough, these rodents are incapable of controlling their bowels and bladders. This means they'll do their business wherever they happen to be when nature calls: on your counters and furniture, in your cabinets and laundry and even on your kitchen floor. Numerous dangerous pathogens, such as lyme disease, parasites, hantavirus and hemhorragic fever, are spread this way. Furthermore, their feces is known to worsen asthma and seasonal allergies. Many people are also allergic to the rodents themselves.

Rodent Entry Point

Rodent Entry Point Into Home

Getting Rid of Rodents, Mice and Rats

The habits of mice and rats make them difficult to exterminate. Spotting even one mouse can mean a serious problem in your home, and for that reason Protective Pest Control specializes in mice extermination. We use industry leading rat and rodent control products to eliminate these pests from your home, and we will develop a strategy to prevent them from ever returning.

Common methods of getting rid of these virulent vermin include spring traps, glue boards and poison baits. Unfortunately, these methods often fail and become costly over time. Rodents are smart and adaptable animals. They quickly learn to avoid traps and glue boards. There have also been increasing reports of these animals developing an immunity or aversion to standard poison baits, rendering them ineffective. For this reason, it's strongly recommended that you hire a professional pest control company to deal with the problem.