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Mother and Daughter Cooking Without Roaches in Kitchen


Removing Roaches From Your Home

Living in South Florida does not have to mean you need to live with roaches in your home or office. Protective Pest Control can prevent roaches from ever entering your house, and we can also eliminate any existing roach problem you may already have. Call (561) 791-0263 to schedule an appointment for removing or preventing roaches from your home or business.

Eliminate Roach Populations

At Protective Pest Control, we are capable of eliminating large roach populations in virtually no time at all. In most cases, roach infestations begin when just a few individual insects are able to safely find their way into a secure area. If food and water are present, the bugs will soon begin to breed. Within just a few days, the infestation will be quite severe. Homeowners who spot roaches in the kitchen or bathroom will need to contact us right away.

Learn More About Roaches

Roaches are usually dark brown or black. Females can often be seen carrying white egg sacs near the end of the body. The insects also tend to leave small black dots behind them as they move through the house. The waste material, in fact, can often harbor a number of different diseases. The insects are also capable of infecting humans and pets with parasites. In some instances, the critters can find their way into food containers, which will then have to be thrown out.

Once established in an enclosed area, roaches will typically forage at night. Because the insects are drawn to clutter, they can often be found hiding in piles of clothes and mounds of paper. They may even find their way into pipes, walls, and light fixtures. If left alone, colonies can expand into other structures. Infestations that begin in apartment complexes will thus need to be dealt with right away.

Cockroach Species in Florida

There are two cockroach species that are known as the palmetto bug here in Florida. The American cockroach measures an inch and a half long or more. It is fully winged and reddish brown with a pale brown or yellowish border on the upper part of the shield that surrounds its head. By contrast, the Florida woods cockroach does not have fully developed wings and is so dark it is nearly black. It, too, is large, measuring two inches or more in length. Here in the West Palm area, these pests tend to make their homed in sewers, mulch, woodpiles, trees and other moist outdoor places.

Palmetto Bugs

Whether you know it as the American cockroach, the flying water bug or the palmetto bug, it's a pest that you don't want around your home. Chances are, you and your family will be put off by its appearance as well as its ability to fly. Call Protective Pest Control at (561) 791-0263 to get rid of these unwelcome bugs so that you can quickly remove them from your life.

Removing Palmetto Bugs and Roaches

Many homeowners do not want these unsightly pests in their houses or on their property. Instead of attempting to remove them yourself, it is best to take advantage of the skills of a licensed pest control practitioner. This is because it is often difficult for a layperson to distinguish between cockroach species. Pest removal treatments are very species specific, and it can be both costly and time-consuming to mistakenly treat for the wrong kind of pests.

Contrary to popular belief, palmetto bugs do not have to be a fact of life if you live in the south. Eliminate your palmetto bug problem for good with the help of a Protective Pest Control exterminator. Our licensed pros will identify the specific nature of your pests, root them out and give you tips on keeping them away for good. Call today for a free quote.

Removing Roaches and Palmetto Bugs

At Protective Pest Control, we have the tools and equipment to eliminate troublesome roach colonies. If homeowners in the area have begun to see the bugs inside the house, an infestation is likely underway. We can ultimately use several different techniques to destroy the insects. Concerned residents should call us for a free quote.