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Rat Control in Wellington

Rat and Rodent Control for the Equestrian Area Wellington, Florida

Protect Your Home in Wellington

Wellington Florida is an Equestrian Community

Protective Pest Control specializes in rodent, mice, and rat control for our clients in Wellington, Florida. No one wants to experience rodents, mice or rats in their home, and we offer preemptive solutions to make certain you will never have to.

However, if you already have a problem with these pests, we can quickly exterminate them and keep them from ever coming back to your Wellington home. Call (561) 791-0263 for a free estimate on our rodent and pest control services in Wellington, Florida.

Wellington is an Equestrian Community

Wellington Horse Stable

Wellington was incorporated in 1995 and is the 5th largest municipality in Palm Beach County. The population has grown nearly 50% since 2000 and the median home price is $324,000.

Wellington is rural by nature and with such a rapid population growth, it is important to make sure your beautiful home in Wellington is protected from all types of pests, especially rats and rodents. Protective Pest Control will develop a comprehensive strategy to help prevent or eradicate any rat, mouse or rodent problem your property may experience.

The Importance of Rodent Control

Rats and mice cause serious damage to all kinds of structures if they are allowed to access them. Damage by rats has been reported in homes, hotels, apartments, office buildings and equestrian farm facilities in Wellington. Rats can run and climb on electrical wires, poles, pipes, fences, shrubs and trees to gain entry. Rats and rodents destroy insulation, electrical wiring, plumbing and other components of the structure. These vermin can cause damage in feed rooms and introduce disease through their waste (urine, droppings); this is especially important in rural areas of Wellington. The most effective means of limiting rodent damage is to rodent proof the structure. Rodent proofing can save you money and prevent damage over time.

Experienced Rat and Rodent Exterminators

Our certified technicians are trained in finding and eliminating rat and rodent entry points. We trap rats inside attics and eliminate any inside activity. Protective Pest Control also offers outside rodent control through baiting and monitoring stations. This is a very safe way to control rats outside if you have animals such as dogs, cats, horses or other livestock. These bait stations are tamper proof and locked.