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Pest Control in Boca Raton

Protective Pest Control has been providing dependable pest control for Boca Raton and throughout Palm Beach County since 1995.

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Bug, Insect and Rodent Control in Boca Raton

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Top Rated Exterminator in Boca Raton

Boca Raton is known for having it all. Five-star hotels, impressive art museums, gorgeous beaches, and upscale shopping make Boca Raton a great place to live and visit. In fact, Livability recently recognized Boca Raton as #45 out of the top 100 best places to live in the United States.

But even the world's most livable cities are not immune to pest infestations. With 12,500 insect species making their way into Florida's homes, Boca Raton residents know why it is important to have a trusted pest control company on speed dial. By safely eliminating pests such as cockroaches, mosquitoes, ticks, and silverfish, you can greatly reduce the spread of disease and bacteria.


Delivering Five-Star Pest Control Since 1995

For over 20 years, Palm Beach County residents have turned to Protective Pest Control to rid their homes of insects, rodents, and other unwanted invaders. Our five-star reviews symbolize our dedication to safely removing pests from homes and businesses across South Florida. Plus, our A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) shows our dedication to helping you enjoy a safe, pest-free home in Boca Raton.

Cutting Edge Extermination

We are known for our cutting edge approach to eliminating pests, and use the latest equipment and techniques to combat the pests that love to overtake Boca Raton's homes. The key to maximizing your satisfaction with our services is to call us quickly; as soon as you notice an increase in bugs or rodents, reach out to us right away. You can send us photos of the bugs that are invading your property or simply call us for a free pest control service estimate. Our top priority is diagnosing your pest problems quickly and accurately so you will feel safe in your home again and prevent damage to your property. Here are just a few examples of the many types of pests that we exterminate:

Our Step By Step Approach to Eliminating Pests in Boca Raton

Eliminating pests requires a comprehensive approach that leaves no stone unturned. The specialists with Protective Pest Control use a comprehensive approach to eliminating pests that is proven to rid properties of pests and help prevent future problems. Here is a look at our step by step approach to pest control:

Step One: We perform a detailed inspection of your property

The first step on the path to successful pest control is a thorough inspection of your home and surrounding property. Before we begin the extermination process, we will conduct a thorough evaluation of your property to screen for the presence of pests. Our technicians know all of the places pests tend to hide, including the following interior and exterior locations:

  • Under magazines, newspapers, and stacks of paper
  • Around baseboards and molding in your home
  • In crawlspaces and attics
  • Under piles of leaves or wood
  • In closets and pantries
  • Within the cracks of your walls

We will also carefully examine your property for signs such as droppings, dead bugs, and damage to your property such as gnaw marks on furniture, walls, and plants. We will also scan your grounds for mole holes, ant hills, and wasp nests.

Step Two: We identify your pest control needs

Our thorough evaluation of your property will help us determine the specific pest problems that are plaguing your home. For instance, if we spot small droppings and notice gnaw marks on your base boards and chair legs, then you likely have an infestation of mice or rats. If we notice pencil-shaped mud tunnels around your crawlspace, you probably have a termite problem.

Step Three: We will prepare a customized plan to treat your property

At Protective Pest Control, we never use a cookie cutter approach. No two properties will have the exact same combination of pest problems, and we will map out a course of treatment that is tailored to eliminate the pests that are invading your property. In order to safely exterminate pests, most properties require a combination of specially formulated chemical treatments and non-chemical methods, such as trapping. The exact combination of treatments that we use will depend on the pests that are invading your property.

Step Four: We monitor your property after the initial treatment

Pest control does not occur in a vacuum. Our team recognizes that successful pest control requires much more than a single visit to your property. Regular monitoring of your property is a must in order to make sure that your pest problems are under control. We provide maintenance visits during which we scan your property to make sure that our treatments have effectively resolved your pest problems. We also offer "touch-up" services to help prevent future infestations.

Step Five: Educate homeowners about simple pest control practices

Many Boca Raton homeowners do not realize the important role that they play in the pest control process. Our technicians are happy to provide you with simple tips to help you prevent pests from nesting on your property. For instance, you can deter pests by removing boxes or stacks of old paper, de-cluttering your home on a regular basis, and sealing crack's in your walls and floors.

Contact Us Today for the Best Pest Control Service

Whether you are battling a current infestation of bugs or are concerned that your occasional encounter with a mouse will grow into a full-fledged infestation, the best thing to do is to reach out to the professional technicians with Protective Pest Control. For nearly 25 years, our skilled technicians have provided customized pest control solutions to residents and business owners across South Florida.

We invite you to contact us to discover why we are the area's premier provider of pest control services. Scheduling an evaluation with a Protective Pest Control technician is easy and we offer complimentary estimates to customers.

A 5 Star Review of Protective Pest Control
I had a German Roach infestation that I had been trying to get rid of for months. They eliminated in 3 visits and were extremely professional, caring, and honest from the get go!
A 5 Star Review of Protective Pest Control
We have used Protective Pest Control for many years. We find them responsive and reliable.
A 5 Star Review of Protective Pest Control
Came on time as scheduled. Very courteous. Whatever they do with the once-a-year treatment, it works.
A 5 Star Review of Protective Pest Control
Quick, easy, super professional and great pricing!
A 5 Star Review of Protective Pest Control
As the owner of Maximize Property Management, I need reliable and effective pest control for our properties. We mainly focus on managing homes and had no luck in finding efficient pest control companies until I reached out to Protective Pest Control a month ago. So far so good! No more ants, roaches
A 5 Star Review of Protective Pest Control
Great company and great company service.. They killed all my bugs!!
A 5 Star Review of Protective Pest Control
Friendly, courteous and professional. Showed up on time!
A 5 Star Review of Protective Pest Control
These people are phenomenal. We have had their service for the past five years; always do a great job, take care of our needs and always reliable. We highly recommend their services!
A 5 Star Review of Protective Pest Control
Great customer service and our local guy is the best
A 5 Star Review of Protective Pest Control
Very professional and knowledgeable on the service of pest control, they were able to take care of the problem we had with ants that many other pest control companies could not, I would highly recommend protective pest control to all my family and friends. I am very pleased I found this company and

The City of Boca Raton

Boca Raton is a city located in Palm Beach County, Florida that was originally incorporated in 1925. Over the past 96 years the population has grown to include 96,114 residents, making Boca Raton the 27th largest city in the state.

There are 16 Zip Codes in Boca Raton

Click each zip code for more information.


Latitude: 26.34933

Longitude: -80.21542

Population: 41,189


Average Family Size: 3.49 people


Average Household Income: $67,500


Male: 49.3%

Female: 50.7%


Median Age: 40.6 years old

Under 10: 11.8%

10 - 19: 12.3%

20s: 13.2%

30s: 11.9%

40s: 12.8%

50s: 14.8%

60s: 11.1%

70s: 7.0%

Over 80: 5.1%


Latitude: 26.38101

Longitude: -80.10349

Population: 20,967


Average Family Size: 3.21 people


Average Household Income: $74,614


Male: 49.4%

Female: 50.6%


Median Age: 39.0 years old

Under 10: 7.8%

10 - 19: 18.0%

20s: 14.4%

30s: 11.5%

40s: 11.1%

50s: 11.7%

60s: 10.5%

70s: 8.5%

Over 80: 6.4%


Latitude: 26.34574

Longitude: -80.08375

Population: 19,578


Average Family Size: 2.59 people


Average Household Income: $72,425


Male: 49.6%

Female: 50.4%


Median Age: 56.6 years old

Under 10: 3.4%

10 - 19: 6.2%

20s: 11.0%

30s: 8.9%

40s: 10.7%

50s: 16.2%

60s: 18.5%

70s: 14.6%

Over 80: 10.3%


Latitude: 26.34713

Longitude: -80.15923

Population: 39,954


Average Family Size: 3.04 people


Average Household Income: $62,710


Male: 46.1%

Female: 53.9%


Median Age: 50.6 years old

Under 10: 8.9%

10 - 19: 10.9%

20s: 9.7%

30s: 9.4%

40s: 10.1%

50s: 13.3%

60s: 13.3%

70s: 11.7%

Over 80: 12.8%


Latitude: 26.38157

Longitude: -80.16870

Population: 20,006


Average Family Size: 2.81 people


Average Household Income: $56,760


Male: 45.4%

Female: 54.6%


Median Age: 61.5 years old

Under 10: 5.8%

10 - 19: 7.8%

20s: 5.6%

30s: 7.5%

40s: 8.5%

50s: 12.8%

60s: 16.1%

70s: 18.5%

Over 80: 17.2%


Latitude: 26.34706

Longitude: -80.11429

Population: 24,146


Average Family Size: 3.28 people


Average Household Income: $78,931


Male: 47.8%

Female: 52.2%


Median Age: 44.8 years old

Under 10: 10.7%

10 - 19: 11.7%

20s: 12.2%

30s: 9.9%

40s: 13.3%

50s: 15.8%

60s: 13.5%

70s: 8.1%

Over 80: 4.8%


Latitude: 26.41008

Longitude: -80.09148

Population: 20,176


Average Family Size: 2.77 people


Average Household Income: $80,947


Male: 48.3%

Female: 51.7%


Median Age: 54.2 years old

Under 10: 9.8%

10 - 19: 7.4%

20s: 7.5%

30s: 10.7%

40s: 9.9%

50s: 14.0%

60s: 16.6%

70s: 14.3%

Over 80: 9.7%


Latitude: 26.40804

Longitude: -80.16039

Population: 21,825


Average Family Size: 2.82 people


Average Household Income: $86,461


Male: 44.6%

Female: 55.4%


Median Age: 58.8 years old

Under 10: 6.9%

10 - 19: 10.0%

20s: 7.5%

30s: 6.0%

40s: 9.3%

50s: 11.8%

60s: 15.8%

70s: 18.4%

Over 80: 14.4%


Latitude: 26.38590

Longitude: -80.21989

Population: 14,404


Average Family Size: 3.21 people


Average Household Income: $99,514


Male: 48.8%

Female: 51.2%


Median Age: 47.8 years old

Under 10: 9.6%

10 - 19: 14.0%

20s: 8.3%

30s: 6.4%

40s: 14.5%

50s: 17.3%

60s: 13.2%

70s: 10.1%

Over 80: 6.5%


Latitude: 26.34605

Longitude: -80.08201

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Latitude: 26.34939

Longitude: -80.08201



Latitude: 26.58413

Longitude: -80.04906



Latitude: 26.37993

Longitude: -80.10129



Latitude: 26.35591

Longitude: -80.17160



Latitude: 26.34970

Longitude: -80.23142



Latitude: 26.40961

Longitude: -80.10631

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