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Pest Control in Boynton Beach

Protective Pest Control has been providing pest control for the city of Boynton Beach and throughout Palm Beach County since 1995.

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Learn More About Bug Extermination is Boynton Beach

Sunny Boynton Beach is one of Florida's most awe-inspiring communities. Residents of Boynton Beach enjoy a tropical lifestyle with many opportunities for outdoor recreation. Florida tourists love the entertainment and dining options in the city, but locals also love the fact that they don't have to travel far to find fun. Plus, Oceanfront Park provides an accessible way to surf, skimboard, or wade all day. Of course, living in a paradise means that you might find yourself battling critters and pests that love the climate as much as you do.

Boynton Beach Exterminators With Experience

Since 1995, Protective Pest Control has provided extermination services in the Boynton Beach area. We know that living near the ocean comes with many challenges associated with wildlife, and the warm climate and everglades certainly don't help. We're here to tell you that bugs, rodents, and other types of wildlife don't have to interfere with your quality of life.

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What We Do

Protective Pest Control takes care of all those uninvited bugs, rodents, and critters living in and around your Boynton Beach home. Not only do we eliminate pests from your home and yard, but we also prevent them from coming back. We fight back against spiders, roaches, ants, and many other creatures that can terrorize your home.

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Do not allow your home in Boynton Beach to become infested with pests. Even if you do not already have a pest problem in your home, you can count on preventative services to keep your home in its current condition. Protective Pest Control provides preventative pest treatment in Boynton Beach on a monthly or quarterly basis. We spray your home, inside and out, to prevent insects from seeking a comfortable home there. Landlords often use this service to ensure that tenants do not have to contend with a pest problem that, if left ignored, could lead to property and structural damage.

Why Choose Protective Pest Control?

Protective Pest Control offers a wide range of pest services. We are family-owned with more than 20 years of experience battling Florida's rodents and pests. We offer affordable and complete services that begin with assessing the problem and giving you an accurate description of the infestation or potential infestation you are fighting. We give you an accurate estimate that shows you exactly what you can expect from our team of professional pest experts.

Boynton Beach may feel like a tropical paradise, but this comes with some challenges. The good news? Pests and other critters do not have to take over your home. Protective Pest Control takes them out before they have the chance.

Local Pest Control Company in Boynton Beach

Protective Pest Control is a locally owned pest control company and we are here to help you remedy any pest problem you may have. Our licensed technicians have been providing Boynton Beach and the surrounding Palm Beach area with superior pest control since 1995.

Call (561) 791-0263 for a free pest control quote.

The City of Boynton Beach

Boynton Beach is a city located in Palm Beach County, Florida that was originally incorporated in 1907. Over the past 113 years the population has grown to include 71,097 residents, making Boynton Beach the 32nd largest city in the state.

There are 9 Zip Codes in Boynton Beach

Click each zip code for more information.


Latitude: 26.53400

Longitude: -80.08297

Population: 23,155

Median Age: 41.5 years old

Average Family Size: 3.23 people

Average Household Income: $57,983


Latitude: 26.52511

Longitude: -80.06281

Population: 36,423

Median Age: 42.4 years old

Average Family Size: 3.48 people

Average Household Income: $46,283


Latitude: 26.52439

Longitude: -80.10750

Population: 44,249

Median Age: 46.1 years old

Average Family Size: 3.23 people

Average Household Income: $55,735


Latitude: 26.51176

Longitude: -80.14902

Population: 38,921

Median Age: 67.7 years old

Average Family Size: 2.64 people

Average Household Income: $61,472


Latitude: 26.53831

Longitude: -80.18582

Population: 20,039

Median Age: 54.3 years old

Average Family Size: 2.87 people

Average Household Income: $74,700


Latitude: 26.50381

Longitude: -80.19155

Population: 11,300

Median Age: 38.3 years old

Average Family Size: 3.40 people

Average Household Income: $137,895


Latitude: 26.51918

Longitude: -80.10814


Latitude: 26.51651

Longitude: -80.12786


Latitude: 26.52656

Longitude: -80.08212

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