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Pest Control in Lake Worth

Protective Pest Control has been providing dependable pest control for Lake Worth and throughout Palm Beach County since 1995.

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Bug, Insect and Rodent Control in Lake Worth

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Top Rated Exterminator in Lake Worth

A laid-back beach town complete with a waterfront golf course and an oceanfront casino practically begs its residents and visitors to spend time outdoors. If you live or vacation in Lake Worth, Florida, you probably enjoy the beautiful weather and waterfront access during every season of the year.

While this tiny town puts residents in the perfect position to enjoy water sports, swimming, and art festivals, some pretty intense pests enjoy the perfect climate as well.


Common Pest Control Problems in Lake Worth

While you expect to see the occasional bug outdoors in warm weather, an infestation can be annoying and even dangerous to your health. Eliminating bugs, rodents, and other creatures from your home will help you avoid potential illnesses and destroyed gardens. Lake Worth, Florida is home to a wide variety of crawling creatures. Here are a few of the most common pests in the area.


Protective Pest Control Eliminates Your Bug Problems

At Protective Pest Control, we know you need to get rid of insects to keep your home sanitary and free of bothersome (and sometimes creepy or dangerous) bugs. You can count us to eliminate pests and control them in the future with our tried-and-true method.

Complete Pest Evaluation

Our experienced team is familiar with the signs left by pests. We begin with a thorough indoor and outdoor inspection to look for evidence of pests or infestations. Finding droppings and nests are clear indicators of the types of pests you are dealing with, and it will let us know where to concentrate our efforts. Upon identification, we create a customized pest treatment plan for extermination.

Customized Pest Treatment

Every home or business pest situation is unique is some way. We customize your treatment based on the types of pests you are dealing with, your unique family, and the surrounding elements that may be affected. Most of our plans include a combination of non-chemical methods to trap pests without introducing potential irritants to your property.

Maintenance and Education

Eliminating pests is the first part of the process. Making sure they stay gone is equally important. Periodic monitoring works to make sure the pests are eliminated. Maintenance plans are also available to provide long term prevention measures. We take the time to keep you up to date on each part of the process and educate every customer on ways to prevent pests in the future.

Free Pest Control Quotes in Lake Worth

If your home, yard, or garden is under attack by dangerous or nuisance pests, do not try to age war on the villains alone. Protective Pest Control is a full-service extermination company prepared to eliminate a variety of pests commonly found in Lake Worth.

Call (561) 791-0263 to ask how we can help.

A 5 Star Review of Protective Pest Control
I had a German Roach infestation that I had been trying to get rid of for months. They eliminated in 3 visits and were extremely professional, caring, and honest from the get go!
A 5 Star Review of Protective Pest Control
We have used Protective Pest Control for many years. We find them responsive and reliable.
A 5 Star Review of Protective Pest Control
Came on time as scheduled. Very courteous. Whatever they do with the once-a-year treatment, it works.
A 5 Star Review of Protective Pest Control
Quick, easy, super professional and great pricing!
A 5 Star Review of Protective Pest Control
As the owner of Maximize Property Management, I need reliable and effective pest control for our properties. We mainly focus on managing homes and had no luck in finding efficient pest control companies until I reached out to Protective Pest Control a month ago. So far so good! No more ants, roaches
A 5 Star Review of Protective Pest Control
Great company and great company service.. They killed all my bugs!!
A 5 Star Review of Protective Pest Control
Friendly, courteous and professional. Showed up on time!
A 5 Star Review of Protective Pest Control
These people are phenomenal. We have had their service for the past five years; always do a great job, take care of our needs and always reliable. We highly recommend their services!
A 5 Star Review of Protective Pest Control
Great customer service and our local guy is the best
A 5 Star Review of Protective Pest Control
Very professional and knowledgeable on the service of pest control, they were able to take care of the problem we had with ants that many other pest control companies could not, I would highly recommend protective pest control to all my family and friends. I am very pleased I found this company and

The City of Lake Worth

Lake Worth is a city located in Palm Beach County, Florida that was originally incorporated in 1912. Over the past 109 years the population has grown to include 36,000 residents, making Lake Worth the 74th largest city in the state.

There are 8 Zip Codes in Lake Worth

Click each zip code for more information.


Latitude: 26.58995

Longitude: -80.23267

Population: 11,602


Average Family Size: 3.33 people


Average Household Income: $116,269


Male: 49.7%

Female: 50.3%


Median Age: 45.9 years old

Under 10: 9.3%

10 - 19: 17.7%

20s: 10.3%

30s: 6.4%

40s: 15.7%

50s: 15.0%

60s: 7.8%

70s: 10.5%

Over 80: 7.3%


Latitude: 26.61986

Longitude: -80.05652

Population: 32,688


Average Family Size: 3.70 people


Average Household Income: $37,863


Male: 52.5%

Female: 47.5%


Median Age: 35.8 years old

Under 10: 13.5%

10 - 19: 10.6%

20s: 15.2%

30s: 17.4%

40s: 12.7%

50s: 12.8%

60s: 9.4%

70s: 5.0%

Over 80: 3.3%


Latitude: 26.62020

Longitude: -80.09098

Population: 46,344


Average Family Size: 3.76 people


Average Household Income: $41,081


Male: 48.5%

Female: 51.5%


Median Age: 35.5 years old

Under 10: 14.2%

10 - 19: 12.2%

20s: 15.4%

30s: 15.0%

40s: 14.2%

50s: 11.3%

60s: 7.4%

70s: 5.9%

Over 80: 4.0%


Latitude: 26.58055

Longitude: -80.07352

Population: 33,173


Average Family Size: 3.52 people


Average Household Income: $52,165


Male: 52.2%

Female: 47.8%


Median Age: 43.1 years old

Under 10: 10.1%

10 - 19: 10.6%

20s: 11.5%

30s: 14.2%

40s: 12.2%

50s: 17.1%

60s: 11.1%

70s: 7.3%

Over 80: 6.0%


Latitude: 26.59529

Longitude: -80.13004

Population: 62,043


Average Family Size: 3.89 people


Average Household Income: $52,352


Male: 48.7%

Female: 51.3%


Median Age: 34.6 years old

Under 10: 14.8%

10 - 19: 15.7%

20s: 12.3%

30s: 14.8%

40s: 13.6%

50s: 12.5%

60s: 8.5%

70s: 5.1%

Over 80: 2.7%


Latitude: 26.59464

Longitude: -80.17551

Population: 53,339


Average Family Size: 3.21 people


Average Household Income: $69,644


Male: 48.1%

Female: 51.9%


Median Age: 48.3 years old

Under 10: 8.3%

10 - 19: 13.2%

20s: 8.0%

30s: 9.9%

40s: 12.8%

50s: 13.6%

60s: 13.0%

70s: 13.0%

Over 80: 8.3%


Latitude: 26.57632

Longitude: -80.08722



Latitude: 26.61742

Longitude: -80.06010

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