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Pest Control in Lantana

Protective Pest Control has been providing dependable pest control for Lantana and throughout Palm Beach County since 1995.

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Bug, Insect and Rodent Control in Lantana

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Top Rated Exterminator in Lantana

Lantana is situated in Palm Beach County in Florida. It's just a few dozen miles north of Fort Lauderdale and within distance of Miami. Lantana is far south enough to have a tropical rainforest climate with all the vegetation and animals you might expect for these conditions. This includes the flower the town is named for, the Lantana. The flower is typical for vegetation in the area with its spectacular rings of yellow flowers on orange stems. Tropical-like environments are some of the most beautiful on Earth.


Common Pest Control Problems in Lantana

Unfortunately, along with the gorgeous flowers and natural wildlife found throughout Lantana comes some nasty pests as well.

Getting a Full Pest Solution at Protective Pest Control

Bugs and other pests aren't just annoying, they can be a danger during these times in more ways than one, including through the threat of disease, bad hygiene and even presenting a threat directly through poison. Protective Pest Control knows how to best destroy this threat and make sure it stays destroyed.

A Full Evaluation

First, before anything else, happens, the key is to evaluate and confirm what the problem is. Protective Pest Control has extensive experience handling all manner of pests and when we come to your house, we can confirm the exact kind of pest you have so that no mistakes are made.

Specialized Treatment Options

Once the pest type is determined, we'll make a plan that's specific to your situation. All homes are a little different and all situations are a little different. Finding a safe way to remove your pest problem without endangering you or your environment in any way is our specialty.

Preventative Work

It's right in the name- Protective Pest Control is about protecting your home, and prevention is one of the best ways to do that. That's why we offer maintenance plans to help make sure that the problem doesn't come back.

We also make sure to give you all the tools you need in terms of information to avoid allowing any other pests from coming in. You live in the next best thing to a rainforest, a place teeming with life. Plenty of help and vigilance will keep them living on the outside instead of on the inside and bothering you.

For more information about exterminating pests and making sure they never come back, please don't hesitate to go ahead and contact us today. The faster you call us at (561) 791-0263 or send us an email, the faster we can rid your home of unwanted bugs and insects.

A 5 Star Review of Protective Pest Control
I had a German Roach infestation that I had been trying to get rid of for months. They eliminated in 3 visits and were extremely professional, caring, and honest from the get go!
A 5 Star Review of Protective Pest Control
We have used Protective Pest Control for many years. We find them responsive and reliable.
A 5 Star Review of Protective Pest Control
Came on time as scheduled. Very courteous. Whatever they do with the once-a-year treatment, it works.
A 5 Star Review of Protective Pest Control
Quick, easy, super professional and great pricing!
A 5 Star Review of Protective Pest Control
As the owner of Maximize Property Management, I need reliable and effective pest control for our properties. We mainly focus on managing homes and had no luck in finding efficient pest control companies until I reached out to Protective Pest Control a month ago. So far so good! No more ants, roaches
A 5 Star Review of Protective Pest Control
Great company and great company service.. They killed all my bugs!!
A 5 Star Review of Protective Pest Control
Friendly, courteous and professional. Showed up on time!
A 5 Star Review of Protective Pest Control
These people are phenomenal. We have had their service for the past five years; always do a great job, take care of our needs and always reliable. We highly recommend their services!
A 5 Star Review of Protective Pest Control
Great customer service and our local guy is the best
A 5 Star Review of Protective Pest Control
Very professional and knowledgeable on the service of pest control, they were able to take care of the problem we had with ants that many other pest control companies could not, I would highly recommend protective pest control to all my family and friends. I am very pleased I found this company and

The City of Lantana

Lantana is a city located in Palm Beach County, Florida that was originally incorporated in 1921. Over the past 103 years the population has grown to include 10,867 residents, making Lantana the 159th largest city in the state.

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