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Pest Control in Hypoluxo

Protective Pest Control has been providing dependable pest control for Hypoluxo and throughout Palm Beach County since 1995.

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Bug, Insect and Rodent Control in Hypoluxo

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Top Rated Exterminator in Hypoluxo

South of Palm Springs and nestled on the banks of Lake Worth Lagoon, Hypoluxo, Florida is a booming beach community. When the weather is nice, visitors and locals like to explore the Hypoluxo Scrub Natural Area with its walking trails and a viewing tower to see the abundant local wildlife. Sunny days are perfect for getting out on the water for an afternoon of fishing or enjoying time with family and friends boating.

As a local, you know that there are more than 12,500 insect species in Florida, and more than a few of them are trying to make themselves at home in your house. These critters prefer the more moderate temperature and rich food sources inside your home to the hot and humid weather outside. This makes it essential that you have a pest control company standing by to help rid your home of these creepy crawlers.


Our Unique Approach to Pest Control in Hypoluxo, Florida

Protective Pest Control is dedicated to helping you rid your home of bugs and other pests. We offer a five-step plan to quickly and effectively bring any infestation under control no matter what type of bug has invaded your home. Here's a look at the five steps.

Step One: Detailed Inspection of Your Home and the Surrounding Property

In the first step to ridding your home of pests, our technicians must first determine the type and rough quantity of pests living in your home and the surrounding property. We'll look under magazines, loose papers, behind walls, and crawlspaces. Around the outside of your home, we'll look under piles of leaves and wood, and we'll explore any cracks in the foundation or outside your home. We're looking for evidence of bugs from dead bodies to damage caused by specific species.

Step Two: Determine the Types of Pests and Your Personal Pest Control Needs

No two homes are exactly alike, and no two homes exactly the same pest problem. We need to use the information that we found in the inspection to determine the critters and bugs infesting your home. Tooth marks and droppings around your home usually indicate that you have a mouse or rat infestation while a musty, pungent smell might be evidence of a roach infestation. We'll use these clues to make a determination for treatment.

Step Three: Create a Customized Plan for Your Home

Since infestations and critter types vary from one home to the next, we know that we can't treat your home like we did the last one. For this reason, we'll create a customized plan to rid your home of the pests and critters unique to your home before we start. Our exact plan, the tools we use, and the treatments applied are always based on the unique combination of pests that we believe, based on our inspection, are camped out in your home.

Step Four: After the Initial Treatment, We Make Routine Spot Checks

It isn't enough to come into your home one time and treat for pests. We need to know that we've taken care of the pests and any future generations of creepy crawlers. After our initial treatment, our technicians will monitor your home to ensure that the treatment has been effective. We will carry out a quick inspection of your property to ensure the success of the treatment. If you need it, we offer a "touch up" service to ensure that your home is pest free and stays that way.

Step Five: Teach You Some Simple Things to Do Around Your Home to Make it Less Welcoming to Pests

There are easy things that you can do around your home to make it less appealing to pests. You can immediately throw away newspapers, magazines, and loose paper. It's always beneficial to store food items in sealed plastic containers and take your trash out of the house regularly. You want to seal any cracks in your wall or floor as soon as they appear. We want to be your partner in helping rid your home of pests, and there are some easy things that you can do to help.

Our Expansive Service Area for Pest Control

At Protective Pest Control, we understand that insects are more than just an annoyance. They can cause damage to your home and carry germs and diseases that can affect you and your family. For this reason, it's our goal to help as many of our friends and neighbors as possible rid their homes of these pests. We offer an extended service area to help you and others like you. Our service area includes:

Reasons to Choose Our Company for Pest Control in Hypoluxo, Florida

At Protective Pest Control, we never forget that you have a choice in pest control companies, so it's our goal to partner with you in the battle against pests in your home. We take pride in answering all of your questions and providing you with a transparent service and competitive pricing. Here are a few other benefits of choosing us as your pest control company:

Our technicians are ready to come to your home, create a plan to rid your house of pests, and follow it through. Let us put our skills, experience, and knowledge to work for you. Call us at (561) 791-0263 to schedule a free quote.

A 5 Star Review of Protective Pest Control
I had a German Roach infestation that I had been trying to get rid of for months. They eliminated in 3 visits and were extremely professional, caring, and honest from the get go!
A 5 Star Review of Protective Pest Control
We have used Protective Pest Control for many years. We find them responsive and reliable.
A 5 Star Review of Protective Pest Control
Came on time as scheduled. Very courteous. Whatever they do with the once-a-year treatment, it works.
A 5 Star Review of Protective Pest Control
Quick, easy, super professional and great pricing!
A 5 Star Review of Protective Pest Control
As the owner of Maximize Property Management, I need reliable and effective pest control for our properties. We mainly focus on managing homes and had no luck in finding efficient pest control companies until I reached out to Protective Pest Control a month ago. So far so good! No more ants, roaches
A 5 Star Review of Protective Pest Control
Great company and great company service.. They killed all my bugs!!
A 5 Star Review of Protective Pest Control
Friendly, courteous and professional. Showed up on time!
A 5 Star Review of Protective Pest Control
These people are phenomenal. We have had their service for the past five years; always do a great job, take care of our needs and always reliable. We highly recommend their services!
A 5 Star Review of Protective Pest Control
Great customer service and our local guy is the best
A 5 Star Review of Protective Pest Control
Very professional and knowledgeable on the service of pest control, they were able to take care of the problem we had with ants that many other pest control companies could not, I would highly recommend protective pest control to all my family and friends. I am very pleased I found this company and

The City of Hypoluxo

Hypoluxo is a city located in Palm Beach County, Florida that was originally incorporated in 1955. Over the past 69 years the population has grown to include 2,657 residents, making Hypoluxo the 263rd largest city in the state.

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